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What if you could file your health care claim forms online?

Stop wasting time filling out healthcare claim forms by hand. Fill out your forms online and file them instantly. What would you rather do? Would you like to fill out and file your health care claim forms in less than a minute? Would you rather spend your precious hours hunting for envelopes, printer ink, and stamps?

File your claims now:

  • United
  • Aetna
  • Cigna (coming soon)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (coming soon)
  • Other providers (coming soon)

File your claims instanantly and get paid faster.

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Why mail claims in and wait extra days for your money when you can file your claims instantly?

Fill out forms online

Tired of filling out form after form by hand for medical and dental claims? stores all of your information to save time and hassle. We store your completed claim forms so you have safe and accurate record keeping.

Print and mail, or file online instantly

Complete your forms online and print them for free. Save time and postage by having us file them for you.

Get paid faster

When we file your claims for you we instantly fax claims to the providers. Why wait days for your letter to get there when you can file your claim instantly? File your claim online and get your money faster.

What do our customers say about us?

I can't believe how easy ClaimSender makes sumbitting medical claims! No more hunting for stamps and envelopes.

— Amanda

I love that I don't have to fill out forms by hand anymore! Claimsender makes it so simple that I end up filing claims right away and getting paid much faster.

— Doug

Time is money, and ClaimSender gets me reimbursed faster. I can file a claim in a few clicks, and they fax it in immediately. Love it!

— Mike

Our Team

With decades of experience at companies like,, and, our team brings the knowledge, skills and background needed to making filing your medical and dental claims easy.

A History of Making Hard Things Easy

In addition to working at bigger companies, our team built helpful tools such as and to make hard processes easy for people. We love the challenge of taking a difficult, messy process and making it simple and easy.

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