About ClaimSender.com

Did you ever get the feeling insurance companies made filing claims annoying and tough on purpose? Perhaps maybe so that all the hassle would discourage people submitting claims? Yeah, us too.

We started ClaimSender.com give you a dead simple way to submit your health, dental, pharmacy, vision, and other medical claim forms online. Use ClaimSender.com to file your claims in under a minute. We store all of your subscriber and patient information for you, so you don't have to fill in forms by hand. We immediately fax your claims in over secure fax lines so you get your claim processed as fast as possible. Fast claims mean you get cash in your pocket sooner.

Our Security

We encrypt all sensitive data on multiple layers. Any data tramsitted is done so over secure secure socket layer connections. All sensitive data is stored encrypted in our databases. Any data sent via fax is sent via secure fax lines. Any file stored are stored on an encrypted file store. We care deeply about your security, and take every precaution to handle your data securely.

Our Team

Our team consists of veteran technologists and business people, with decades of experience. In addition to ClaimSender, our team built MovingCompanyReviews.com, CheckDeposit.io, SQLBot.co and more.

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